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Antique French Oak Sideboard NZ
French Oak Antique NZ
French Oak Antique Sideboard NZ
Antique Sideboard NZ
French Antique Furniture NZ
Marble top antique sideboard NZ
French Antique Sideboard NZ
Authentic Antique Furniture NZ
Genuine Antiques NZ
Handle on French Antique NZ
High quality French Oak NZ
High Quality Oak Antique NZ
Antique French Desserte NZ

French Oak Antique Sideboard

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A unique display piece, this antique sideboard, probably dating from the last half of the 1800s, is made from very good quality oak.  Originally used to display your dessert course the French called it a Desserte. Tell tale signs of use and age can be seen plainly in the splashes of red paint on its ball feet and the charming bent and buckled nature of the handles. The marble has been replaced, the original marble broke many years ago and the key for the front drawers is a replacement. 
1000mm H x 1200mm W
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