Antique French Oak Cabinet.

This piece was discovered in the countryside  The closest small commune has a population, including surrounds, of only 400, the remaining towers of a twelfth century castle and a Dolmen in the woods nearby.

Old Stone Mill in Croq France

Monsieur Dechamp arranged to meet us outside the firestation in Crocq, explaining it was easier for him to meet us there than try to give us the complicated instructions.  Besides, the piece was not at his house anymore and was kept in storage in a barn. We duly arrived at the firestation in Crocq and waited for our rendezvous. After a few minutes an army green landrover type vehicle slid to a stop beside our car, with two grey haired wizened old fellas inside

Landrover on road


“Follow us, I'll try not to lose you” was growled out the side window of the landrover and off they went in a shower of loose gravel. Quick, try to keep up....
He must have been true to his word and tried not to lose us as we just managed to keep him in sight for the next ten minutes as we wove down small country lanes taking what to me looked like indiscriminate turns.
When I saw his brake lights brighten as he slowed and pulled into a gravel farm track I was grateful he hadn't tried to give us instructions, I would have been lost within 2 minutes of the firestation!

old barn ruin France


He pulled over by the 'barn', which I would have recognised more as an ancient ruin, and lifting with effort creaked the door open.  Inside on a wooden pallet base in the middle of the empty shed was an object wrapped in old cloth.


light shining on cabinet in the dark


Pulling the cloth off, underneath was what was explained as a 'Buffet Ancien', taken from his fathers old house not far from where we were. Same sad story we have heard so often, the house was cleared out and the small farm was now up for sale. This was the last piece to go.

On looking the piece over we attempted to negotiate the asking price, just the once, briefly. 


was the short quick answer and we decided perhaps there were times when we should attempt not to offend. Especially when in the middle of goodness knows where with a coupe of old blokes that looked like they were ready to go off on a hunt as soon as we were done here.

Price agreed we hurriedly packed the buffet up on our trailer, wrapped and tied down, very politely offered our gratitude for the afternoon and hastily retreated. Thank goodness for!

retreating vehicle on dusty road

end of Story line

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