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Café Culture France

The village bar/café is a typically French institution. Our nostalgic vision of French rural life places the café at the heart of the village along with the church, the school, the mairie, the boulangerie and epicerie.  Some café/bars also doubled as the village resturant and often the general store. Usually situated at the village square and boules (or pétanque) piste. Rather like the pubs we now reminise about they were at the centre of small town and village life.  A place to nip into for a quick café express on the way to work, a baguette chambon fromage at lunchtime and an apéritif on the way home before dinner.  A place to catch up on the local gossip, to argue...

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Why all the Dolphins?

The stylised dolphin motif appears in many forms on furniture, tapestries, sculptures and paintings throughout the Renaissance and later Renaissance Revival periods of French creative arts.

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