F D Chauvigny

F D Chauvigny Limoges Porcelain Mark


This mark F D Chauvigny is the mark of the Deshoulières company. Deshoulières is now the number one French porcelain manufacturer with it's 3 brands: Deshoulières, Porcelaine de Sologne and Apilco.
F D stands for Fernand Deshoulières, born in 1886 in Chauvigny a commune in the Vienne Department of Nouvelle Aquitane of Western France.
With this particular mark there is a stylised LD above the shield of Chauvigny. This is Louis, the son of Fernand named after his great grandfather who founded the company in 1838 with his brother in law Jean Bozier who was a potter. Louis, with his father, purchased the Apilco brand in 1935. It is hard to find this mark with the LD online and hard for me to date it. I know Yves Deshoulièrs was director from 1966 so this mark must date between 1935 and 1966.
Crest of Chauvignay France


  • Admin

    Hi Deanna, I will email you and you can send me some photos, unfortunately porcelain does not command the prices it used to and can be difficult to sell. Saying that however the kitchen cannister sets can still be popular. Price will depend a lot on your market, where in the world you live.

  • Deanna McIntyre

    I have a set of porcelaine jars. Farine, Sucre, cafe, the, and poivre. They have Porcelaine France FD Chauvigny on the bottom. Could you estimate the value?


    Thanks for your message Karen, Value depends so much on where in the world you are, we are in New Zealand and as such our market value is greatly different from other parts of the world. I have sent you an email so you can provide a few more details and I can advise after that.

  • Karen

    I have a 6 set Demi-tasse cup & saucer set Artois, Decor#11648 in original box. Can you tell me value?


    HI SONYA, If you can send me a few more details I may be able to help. I have sent you an email.

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