Fun Facts about Chairs

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The Word chair comes from the latin 'cathedra' which means to sit.
The first chair dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt, around 5000 years ago
Rush seating is a VERY old craft, examples have been found in the tombs of egypt.
Chairs didn't become popular until the 16th century, before that people used to sit on the floor.
Thonet Bentwood No 14
Thonet's No: 14 Bentwood, the classic 'French Cafe' chair was the first mass produced example of flatpack, or KNOCKDOWN furniture.  First produced in 1859, it comprises 6 pieces of wood, ten screws and two nuts and you can fit 36 of them in a cubic metre box.
Charles Darwins Office Chair
Charles Darwin was the father of the modern office chair, He added wheels to the bottom of his captains chair so he coud scoot aroound his office and get to his work easily.
1890s electric chair
Thomas Edison financed the invention of the electric chair in 1889. When it was first used in 1890 the Abyssinian Emperor Menelik II heard about it and liked the idea so much he ordered three. Unfortunately when the chairs arrived they wouldn't work. There was no electricity in Abyssinia. Not one to totally waste an investment Emperor Menelik II used one of the electric chairs as his throne.
Musical Chairs
The earliest known game of musical chairs occured in the year 1877.
Original  Watchman's chair
A chair designed in Western Europe used from late medieval times till well into the 19th century was invented for guards and jailors.  It was called a 'Watchman's Chair' and was designed to be uncomfortable.  With no padding the seat was slanted forward so that if the watchman fell asleep in it he would slide off the chair!
Dragons Chair
In 1917, Eileen Gray, an Irish born architect & designer, designed and made an armchair for the Parisian Boutique 'J.Suzanne Talbot'  Called the 'Fauteuil aux Dragons' (Dragons Chair), in 2009 it sold at auction for €21,905,000
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