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La Bourguignonne Pottery

La Bourguignonne pottery has a history dating back to 1848, when a young potter, Jacques Henry developed a passion for 'earth and fire' in a small workshop in Marcigny in his native Burgundy. Travelling France to learn from other potters, by 1870 he had his first workshop, which he passed onto his son, Paul. Paul exported the pottery of 'La Maison Henry' to Paris, where his Ruffled Pie Dish soon become the symbol of the company.  Paul's son Émile reinvigorated the company after the lack of labour during the two world wars. His grandson Jacque renamed the company Émile Henry, in tribute to his grandfather and the passion which has been handed down from generation to generation, the passion of Earth & Fire.
Émile Henry pottery is still Made in France as it always has been, and is available all over the world.
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  • Timothy B

    La Bourguignonne Earthenware Roasting Pans are the best in the World!!!!!! I have owned several for 42 years. There was a famous seller of professional cooking equipment in New York City name Bridge Kitchen Equipment. Mr. Bridge the owner sold only the best. All top Chefs shopped there. This was a world famous company. Look it up. He sold La Bourguignonne Roasting Pans. There is no better Roasting on the Planet Earth than these earthenware pans. The color of the Poultry, Turkey and Chicken after they are cooked will absolutely knock you on the floor!!!! The beautiful color of the food, I mean it, will floor you!! It is a site to behold. It has to do with the soil that Jacque Henry used from Marcigny, Burgundy. The Emile Henry Company does not have an item in there Catalogue that can measure up to these pans made in the early 1900 to 1970. I personally own the best cooking equipment in the world. French Copper Tin lined, Lodge Cast Iron, ETC. I suggest to anybody buy them on Ebay. Only buy in good condition!!!!! No Chips!!! Used in good condition. You will be rewarded. I promise you. I am a proud owner of these pans. No one can compete with me on Thanksgiving Day. The color of the Turkey is Spectacular!!!!!! Jacque Henry in 1848 was an absolute genius!!!

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