Longchamp Genlis France
Longchamp is a small village nestled on the borders of Burgundy in Northeastern France,  in the canton of Genlis about halfway between Dijon and Dôle. Ideally located for pottery manufacture thanks to the surrounding forests which provide firewood and the old clay marshes transformed into quarries. 
Manufacturing of tiles here dates back to 1386, over the centuries it was alternately tile and then pottery, with ceramics for fine tableware appearing at Longchamp under the leadership of Claude Phal-Matiron around 1832. 
Lauded for its earthenware, this company was a pinnacle of French ceramic industry. Alas, its greatness was destined to end, and it too ceased to be in 2016. However, 8 years later, Philippe Orliac breathed new life in it and steered it towards producing elite porcelain. Visit Longchamp's website today.
Longchamp france pottery Lutece design mark
The above stamp dates from the late 19th century when the company was under control by Robert Charbonnier. The pattern is called Lutèce. 
Lutèce is the French form of Lutetia, the Roman city where Paris now stands.


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