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What we offer you are not the priceless pieces from the French chateaux of the aristocracy, these are the honest useful pieces of furniture found in the houses of the people of the French countryside. The people who could afford a decent house, but not a mansion. The people who were born, grew up, worked, married, had children, grandchildren, stubbornly refused to leave their marital home as they grew old, these are the people who owned our pieces.
For the newlyweds some pieces were made for the new couple, a chest of drawers from the husband's family, a trunk full of linen with the initials of the new couple from the bride's side. Some of the furniture pieces were handed on from family, the table from grandfather and the special porcelain set from Aunt. When the new couple prospered, and the family grew, a kitchen dresser was ordered from the traveling craftsman, the latest fashion, a Louis XIII style dresser, a Renaissance revival buffet, or a Louis XV style armoir to impress the neighbours. Often fashioned out of wood from trees on their own land.

These are the pieces we bring you, the pieces that grew with each family, the well made pieces that were passed down through the generations until they have ended up here, waiting for their next story to be told.
We do not 'restore' our furniture, we gently clean it and apart from any necessary refix of loose pieces or hinges all we apply is a coat of beeswax to nourish the timber. We present them with the patina of age and the original small imperfections and scars that tell stories of family life over the many generations. See if you can spot the dark ring on the shelf where Uncle Jean-Pierre placed his red wine glass.
We now pass these parts of French history to you hoping you will enjoy them and add another chapter to their story. Please use, and enjoy.
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