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Raynaud, three generations of passion, craftsmanship and creative vision in the production of the finest Limoges Porcelain.
Martial Raynaud founder of Raynaud Porcelain Limoges
Martial Raynaud travelled the world as a salesman. Selling porcelain to wealthy clients.  Martial had travelled since he was the age of 20, he spoke several languages, he was an entrepeneur and a lover of art and beauty.  In 1911 he decided to open his own decorating workshop on Rue Saint-Paul in Limoges. Having success across Europe with this enterprise he then purchased the 'Montjovis Factory' at 26 Avenue Montjovis, Limoges.  This is the same factory that H Dorat worked from in 1876, Boisbertrand and Theilloud operated out of in 1885 and Tressemanes and Vogt owned from 1891, until Martial purchased it in 1919.
Raynaud Porcelain logo
The company Raynaud & Cie was created in 1925. the beginning of the well known Raynaud mark, an "R" and a laurel branch. The mark that represents the famous procelain that has earned an international reputation.
Limoges Porcelain Oven Kiln
In 1926 the company employed 300 people and Martial bought surrounding land to develop the factory. He had two new furnaces built to supplement the single existing oven.
Martial Raynaud left a creative legacy born of his global travels and experiences and his support of arts and culture.
André Raynaud Raynaud Porcelain Limoges
Martial's son André, at the age of 18, won the silver medal at the Paris International Exposition of Art and Technology for a pattern he had submitted.  His creations were bold and he excelled in finding new designs and shapes. He spent many years working in the factory before, on the death of his father, he took the helm in 1952. 
\Jean Cocteau poet playright novelist designer filmaker visual artist and critic   Salvador Dali no explanation necessary Roger Tallon French Industrial designer
André collaborated with names such as Jean Cocteau (Paris's darling), Salvador Dali (Artist) and Roger Tallon (French Industrial Designer). André was also, interestingly enough, a collector of old porcelain. Being proficient in both art and technology it was natural that André took on the modernisation of the company.
Limoges Porcelain Factory
Martial's grandson Bertrand spent 10 years working with his father, André, before taking the helm in 1992.  In 1999 the company moved from the Montjovis factory to the town of Isle, on the outskirts of Limoges. Bertrand shares his father's and grandfather's enthusiasm and curiosity. He has an interest in art and gastronomy and has collaborated with leading names in interior decoration.
montjovis limoges kiln raynaud porcelain
'La Fabrique de Montjovis' was demolished in 1999 when Raynaud company moved to Isle, with the exception of an oven kiln, probably dated 1856, which was restored by André Raynaud in the 1850's and can still be seen today if you wish to wander up Avenue Montjovis.
Raynaud still produces the finest genuine Limoges porcelain in their factory in Limoges, France. Their wares can be viewed at www.raynaud.fr 
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