Revol St Uzes

Revol was a manufacturer in the commune of Saint Uze in the Drôme region of S.E. France. 


Revol St Uzes mark

This mark is on the bottom of a stoneware tureen sourced from an old Hotel in the centre of France.  The mark is that of the maufcturing company Revol, from St Uzes.The design could be anywhere between 1930s -1970s.  The faded St Uze manufactuing mark only just readable in the top right corner. 

The Blues of St Uze

Revol St Uze Terre D'Acier French ceramic Mark at French Originals NZ

Terre D'Acier - Terre d’acier literally means Steel Earth. It was registered as a trademark by Hector Revol.
You can find out more about the Revol brand on their website

Revol St Uzes Tureen

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