Source of Monumental French Antique Cherrywood Buffet

This magnificent French Antique piece of furniture, made of cherrywood, came from a family who lived in the hills of a small commune called Creuzier-le Vieux.
Creuzier-le-Vieux, which is very close to Creuzier-le-Neuf, is in the Auvergne region of France. From the 11th century up until 1950-1960 the hills of Creuzier-le-Vieux were covered in vines.
Creuzier-le-Vieux is now a quaint and quiet rural residential area in the hills surrounding the spa town of Vichy. Vichy acquired fame in the 17th century for it's alkaline springs and was known as “Reine de Ville d'Eaux” - the queen of the water towns - after Napoleon III began to visit in 1860's, making it very fashionable with the rich and famous.
Art Deco Church Vichy France
Today the pavillions , riverside park, hotels and lavish homes for the rich are still in place.
Covered Walkway in Park Vichy France
The oldest park in Vichy was intended as a place for spa visitors to take restorative walks.
Hall de sources Vichy
The waters of Vichy can still be tasted by the public in the beautiful metal and glass pavilion in the centre of Vichy and the actual source of the Grille and Chomel springs, encased in glass, can be viewed here.

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