Unknown Limoges Porcelain Marks

Most of the Limoges factories did not routinely mark their products until the later quarter of the 19th century. Combine this with the knowledge that many small companies were only in business for a very short time, long ago, and it is easy to understand some of these marks may NEVER be identified. All of these marks were found in the immediate region surrounding the Limoges Porcelain Manufacturers area and were purchased from private families that had resided in the area for at least one generation. This combined with the knowledge that these pieces are hard paste translucent porcelain makes me confident they ARE Limoges Porcelain. The marks on these pieces could refer to the biscuit maker, the decorator, the mould or shape of the set, the pattern or even the 'dough' mix. They are, as yet, unidentified. If there are any fellow enthusiasts out there who have seen these marks before and may know more about them please contact me.


             unidentified Limoges Porcelain mark NZ

This 'Limoges France' mark is very typical of the first half of the 1900's, when there were many small factories producing wares for the domestic and the international market. It can not be attributed to any one producer.



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