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Villeroy and Boch Made in France Saar
The famous German brand 'Villeroy and Boch' needs no introduction to porcelain and pottery lovers of the world, but why does this Villeroy and Boch makers mark bear the words ' Made in France'
The old Benetictine Abbey Mettlach Villeroy and Boch headquarters
In 1809 Jean-François Boch, son of Francois Boch, buys the former Benedictine abbey in Mettlach on the River Saar. In the baroque building he sets up a highly-modern, extensively mechanised system of tableware production. He designs many of the production machines himself. His inventions smooth the way for manual ceramic manufacture to be replaced by industrial production. Today, the baroque building is the corporate headquarters of Villeroy & Boch.
Mettlach is a municipality in the German state Saarland, bordering France. 
Saarland was established in 1920 after the first world war as occupied and governed by France (under a Leaue of Nations mandate). It was returned to Nazi Germany in 1935. After World War II, on 16 februaury 1946, French Military administration organised the territory as the Saar Protectorate.  After the 1955 Saar Statute referendum it joined Federal Germany as a state on January 1st 1957.
This mark comes from thie small window of ten years 1946-1956 Villeroy and Boch manufactoring in Mettlach was under French administration and the manufactors mark proclaimed 'Made in France'.
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  • French Originals

    Bonjour Carlier merci pour votre message, je vous ai envoyé un mail pour que vous puissiez m’envoyer des photos.

  • Carlier

    Bjr j’ ai acheté récemment un plateau signé Villeroy & Boch made in France diamètre 30/30 avec de belles couleurs ainsi que deux vases en hauteurs même couleurs H 22 cm. Pourriez vous me donnez une idée de sa valeur merci

  • French Originals

    Hello Henrik, I believe the Geranium pattern came from the 1980s but it may not be the geranium pattern you are talking about because the Wallerfangen mark comes from the earlier period of Villeroy & Boch, 1780s to early 1900s.

  • henrik melander

    when was the series Geranium made (wallerfangen)

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