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Winter Sports Girl New Zealand 1932
Charming Kiwi winter sports girl New Zealand 1932
The Auckland Weekly News Christmas Number 1932
A New Zealand Winter Sports Girls Frame
Back of framed New Zealand Art The Auckland Weekly News 1932
Details of framed NZ antique art work
New Zealand Winter Sports Girl 1932
Page 9 Auckland Weekly News Christmas Number 1932

A New Zealand Winter Sports Girl

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A piece of New Zealand history, framed. This delightful scene is a genuine page from the publication 'The Auckland Weekly News Christmas Number' dated 17 Octboer 1932.  The page 10 photograph, taken by a staff photographer, 'A New Zealand Winter Sports Girl' is a snippet of the style of the art deco era of the early 1930s in New Zealand. Described as 'The joy of anticipation charmingly expressed at the commencement of an exhilarating run on the skis at Tongariro National Park, North Island'.  The rear of the frame shows details of the image on the flipside, 'Leaving Auckland Harbour For The Christmas Cruise'.
The Weekly News was founded in 1861. In 1863 it merged with the Weekly Herald to become the Auckland Weekly News and continued under this name until 1934 when the name changed back to Weekly News. In 1965 the name changed to New Zealand Weekly News and continued until the final edition in August 1971.
Behind non reflective glass, ready to hang.
Including frame 645mmH x 485mmW


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