Antique French Copper pot with lid from French Originals NZ
Antique French Copper Allez Freres stamp from French Originals NZ
Allez Freres antique copper pot from French Originals NZ
Distinct Allez Freres handle baseplate antique French copper from French Originals NZ

Antique Allez Frères Copper Pot with Lid

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French antique copper pot with lid. From the 19th century Paris departmet store Allez Freres. Manufactured in Villedieu-les-Poêles.
The Allez brothers (and sometimes nephews and sons) operated a hardware and department store in Les Halles in Paris from 1803 into the 1930s. Their iron-handled pans can be easily recognized by the distinctive baseplate.
Would need re-tinning before use.