Midcentury French Aubusson Rug Red NZ
Mid Century Aubusson French Rug NZ
Vintage French Rug NZ
Authentic Aubusson France Rug NZ
Red French Vintage Rug NZ
Sallandrouze Aubusson Vintage Wool Carpet NZ
Red Rug French NZ
Sallandrouze Aubusson Red Rug NZ
Vintage French Decor Rug NZ
Vintage French Rug Label NZ

Aubusson Pure Wool Rug

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The quality of the weave and the vibrant colours of this vintage rug come from the legend of the Sallandrouze family of Aubusson France. Manufactured in the mid 1900s it reflects the quality and class that the Sallandrouze family is renowned for. This rug will not disappoint. 
140cm x 200cm 
We also have a larger rug of the same pattern 2m x 3m not yet on our website, contact us by email to enquire.