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Antique French Table at French Originals NZ
French antique cherrywood table at French Originals NZ
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French Antique Extension Table

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We know this Cherrywood table has been in the same family since 1860. There have been 18 people seated around this table on their largest family gathering. The extensions (rallonges, in French) are typically unfinished and not the same wood as the table as they would normally be covered by a long tablecloth. They are numbered and can only be installed in numerical order because they are individually handmade. Top has recently been refinished highlighting the magnificent cherrywood grain. Whether you are a party of two, or perhaps much larger, this table can cater for your needs!
DIMENSIONS - 1250mmL X 1450mmW x  690mmH,  add 5 rallonges (extensions) each 500mmW, brings the total possible length to 3.95 metres!

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