French Copper cauldron sold by FrenchOriginalsNZ
Jean Goardere French copper designer signature on french vintage copper pot from French Originals NZ
Beaten copper seamon French Vintage Goardere copper cauldron from FrenchOriginalsNZ
French Vintage copper pot from FrenchOriginalsNZ
French Vintage goardere copper cauldron handle detail from French Originals NZ
Blue patina of old french copper cauldron from French Originals NZ

French Vintage Copper Cauldron Goardere

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Wonderful workmanship in this vintage French beaten copper cauldron, signed by Jean Goardere, a coppersmith (chaudronnière) who won an award for 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' in 1955 for Prestige and Luxury Trades.
Diameter 280mm including handles 325mm, Height 190 including handles