Paul Wren Lake Te Anau early oil painting NZ
Early New Zealand oil landscape painting
Lake Te Anau Paul Wren signature nz
Lake Te Anau by Paul Wren signature NZ oil
Oil on board H T Garratt Lake Te Anau NZ
Lake Te Anau oil on board H T Garratt NZ
Man rowing H T Garratt early New Zealand landscape
Old oak frame early NZ oil painting
H T Garratt Paul Wren oil painting NZ

H T Garratt (Paul Wren) Lake Te Anau Oil Painting

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Early 20th century New Zealand H T Garratt oil painting sunset over Lake Te Anau in old oak frame signed "by Paul Wren". Minor blemishes commensurate with age.
Henry Thomas Garratt (1875-1953) is a well known early New Zealand artist, born and based in Auckland. His favourite subject matter was the New Zealand landscape and he has been attributed to painting more than 3000 landscapes during his professional career.  A hugely successful artist, his popular paintings sold throughout New Zealand between approximately 1905 to mid 1930s. Interestingly though his signature appears on very few of his paintings, rather he was known to have painted under numerous pseudonyms, the most widely known being De Ritz and Paul Wren. One newspaper review of the time remarks "Mr De Ritz is an artist who paints nature very faithfully and with scrupulous regard for detail. The water scenes are very fine, and in all his works he attains a degree of perfection which marks him out as an artist of very superior gifts" 
An immensely interesting artist with a fascinationg history, which is why, perhaps, his paintings are becoming more sought after.
Including frame 725W x 365H