Striped vintage New Zealand Grain sack found in France
Machine dressed rye grass print on vintage grain sack at French Originals NZ
Produce of New Zealand on vintage grain sack at French Originals NZ
Vintage New Zealand Grain sacks at French Originals NZ

Repatriated New Zealand Grain Sacks.

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Found at an old farm in France so we just had to send them home.
A collection of old Hessian Sacks used for exporting NZ ryegrass seeds to Europe probably after WWII.
Variously stamped with "Grasslands Ariki" and "Grasslands Manawa". 
Could be upcycled in many different ways or simply hung on the wall of the man shed to tell an interesting story.
Size 50kg, 60cm x 120cm.
4 with stripe
8 without stripe
Sacks in varying condition.
Price is for each sack.