Limoges Porcelain Marks

Limoges France Porcelain Mark NZ

"Limoges" is not a manufacturer of porcelain. It is a city in France near where in 1768 Kaolin clay was discovered and fine porcelainware began to be produced in and around Limoges. To quote Mary Frank Gaston (in her book ''A Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain' ) - Porcelain is pottery in its most exquisite form  

The foundation of our store French Originals has been a labour of love and no more so for myself as when I first started researching an elegant small set of porcelain I got from a "Vide Maison", when the family was clearing out the house, after their Mother had passed on. Limoges porcelain has such a wonderful history that it is hard not to fall in love with it once you start looking.

Most of my research has been done online, time consuming, digging ever deeper. I also take a lot of reference from books. 'A Collectors Encycopaedia of Limoges Porcelain' by Mary Frank Gaston, although written for the American audience, is a good starting place
The term 'Limoges' references many different companies that did business in the Limoges region of France.  Some companies were in business for only a short time, long ago, and the company records no longer exist.
Many sets have been broken up over the years so full sets of older Limoges Porcelain are rare and much harder to find.
For marks of pieces that are not Limoges Porcelain try our French Porcelain and Pottery Marks page
LimogesPorcelainMarkFDCauvignay NZ   unidentified Limoges Porcelain Mark 54
unknown Limoges Porcelain Mark 12   
ETS Chadelaud and Lafarge Porcelain Mrks    
Raynaud Porcelaines Limoge Mark   
N Villegouriex & Cie Limoges porcelain mark


  • French Originals

    Hi Mary Jo Brown, I have emailed you asking for a picture of your porcelain, as to price it will vary on which country you live in.

  • Mary Jo Brown

    I recently purchased a TandV Limoges crabapple pitcher in mint condition. I’ve researched as mant resources that I could. Similar pitchers, but mine had a gold handle, the others don’t. Any advice on finding the picture and value would be greatly appreciated.

  • French Originals

    Hi Wylie, send me a photo of your vase and a picture of the marks and I willtake a look at them.

  • Wylie

    Still confused. My ‘vase’ ,shaped like a pitcher, says Limoges but says China also. Its very attractive but i think i wasted 4 dollars.

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