French Porcelain & Pottery Marks

This list of French Pottery and Porcelain marks is by no means definitive. These are the marks that appear on pottery and porcelain that is listed, or has been listed, on our site.  All of these marks have been researched by me and I hold no resposibility for any errors in my research.  Please if you know anything about these marks that I do not, contact me I am very open to thoughts and discussions on these marks.  I add more marks as I list the items so feel free to contact me if you would like to receive an email each time a new mark is researched. 
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Pottery Mark Keller and Guerin Luneville France  La Bourguignonne
Ets Chadelaud Imperial Porcelaine Limoges Mark  L & Cie Limoges and Ets Chadelaud Limoges Porcelain Marks  
F Deshoulières Chauvigny Limoges Porcelain Mark  Limoges mark in a banner Boisbertrand
Raynaud Porcelaines  
Sarreguemines Pottery mark after 1918    
  Revol St Uzes mark
Longchamp French pottery mark  Noel Villegoureix Limoges Porcelain mark
       Digoin and Sarreguemines circa 1880 De Bruyn Fives Lille makers mark


  • French Originals

    Thank you for your comment Ezudeen, I have sent you an email.

  • ezuddeen

    good to meeting you, we have a cup that carry KG lunevelle trade mark
    the cup has a data 1. value of three slave men during slaves’ trade.
    2. best on our analysis it over 200years old more information …….
    once you show the trade mark or logo . thank ezudden.

  • Ros Bauer

    I have a set of 6 plates and 2 serving plates cobalt blue/ gold passed down by my in laws Rousseau family. There is a small design like wings an the number Ro 36789.

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